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Money Laundering

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Are you being investigated or accused of money laundering in Indianapolis? There can be many feelings associated with these charges such as stress, anxiety and fear of the future. Money laundering is considered a white collar crime and can be punishable under state and federal law. Money laundering includes a myriad of crimes depending on the circumstances. When you are accused of money laundering, or any white collar crime, it is important to hire an experienced defense attorney who will fight for you.

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What Is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is defined as the transformation of illegally obtained money into seemingly legitimate finances. The finances associated with money laundering are cash, securities, digital currencies and credit and/or debit cards. Money laundering also has been coined as a term that is associated with the various crimes that are involved. Often times, there are elaborate schemes that accompany money laundering. The penalties for money laundering in Indiana are harsh and often times extreme. There is no minimum threshold of funds in order for charges to be filed against an individual or organization. If you launder $1, you face the same scrutiny under the law as if you launder one million dollars.

There are three phases to most money laundering schemes that are used to hide the illegal income. The three steps are placement, layering and integration.

Placement is the first step in any scheme; it involves placing the money into the financial system. Illegal activities such as drug dealing and prostitution generate “dirty money.” This money is then placed into legitimate businesses where it will be mixed with the legitimate business income.

Layering involves concealing the source of the illegal income by forming layers and layers of transactions. When the illegal finances are buried, the money is harder to trace and confuses almost any audit trail with a web of complicated transactions. Launderers hide the source and ownership of the funds with these complex layers of transactions. Money is often moved in and out of these businesses through money orders, wire transfers and other forms of electronic funds transfers. There are a large number of electronic funds transfers per day so the odds that one single transaction will be discovered is slim.

Integration is the process of money being integrated into the financial system and becoming a legitimate asset. Integration makes all finances appear to have been earned through legal, legitimate means. By the time the money reaches this phase, it is difficult to distinguish between legal and illegal earnings.

Defending Against Money Laundering

Although money laundering typically has a large paper trail and may seem difficult to defend, there are a number of stances that an experienced defense attorney in Indianapolis can use. Some of the most common defenses that an attorney will use are:

  • Proving that the individual who was accused had no intent to launder or disguise money
  • Proving that the individual only committed the acts because they were under duress, and they believed that they or their family would be in danger if they did not launder the money
  • Proving that the money was not gained by illegal acts
  • Proving that there is insufficient evidence against the accused
  • Prove that there was a lack of knowledge about the source of funds

The prosecutor must prove that there was intent to commit the crime and that the money came from an illegal source. An experienced, aggressive defense attorney can help to create a solid defense plan that can create doubt in your case. The prosecutor has to prove all points beyond a reasonable doubt in order to hand down a conviction. At Patel Defense, we launch an extensive investigation into your case so that we can provide the best defense for you.