The Defense Never Rests

My Criminal Defense Approach: Be As Relentless As The Prosecutor

If you’ve been charged with a crime, especially if it is the first time you’ve been arrested, it may seem like the prosecutor never stops. Suddenly, your freedom and reputation are at stake, and “the system” seems to hold all the cards. You need a Noblesville criminal defense lawyer who is just as relentless and ruthless.

I am Monish Patel, and my law firm, Patel Defense, LLC, is 100% dedicated to criminal defense representation. I worked as both a prosecutor and a public defender in the Indianapolis metro area before I opened my firm, so I’m familiar with the judges and many of the opposing counsel. These strengths allow me to take on cases many other attorneys won’t – because I understand what it takes to minimize the consequences for you, not just on a theoretical level, but right here, in this area, in front of the judges and juries you might face.

I Take On Tough Cases – And I Often Win

I believe in America’s foundational principle of justice that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. I do not scare easily, and I do not judge my clients. Regardless of your charges, I will treat you with respect, and fight for your freedom.

Some of the cases I handle include:

If you don’t see your charge on this list, don’t worry. Call my office at 317-643-5459, and we can talk about the services you need. I’m here to see you get the defense you deserve. I offer free initial consultations and can come to where you are (even if that’s jail) for appointments. I will adjust my schedule to yours.

Lean On My Two Decades Of Experience After An Arrest

I’ve been practicing law for nearly 20 years. Put your case in the hands of an experienced Indianapolis criminal defense attorney and learn why, at Patel Defense, LLC, the “defense never rests.” Call me at 317-643-5459 to schedule a free initial appointment today, or leave a message online by using the contact form on this website.