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Criminal Defense Attorney For Expungement In Indianapolis

Have you been convicted of a crime and would like your record to be expunged? If an arrest or conviction has been haunting you and making it difficult to obtain employment or housing, you may be eligible to have your record expunged or sealed. A criminal conviction can wreak havoc on your reputation and can seem permanent, but it does not have to stay on your record. There are legal options available that allow eligible individuals to have their criminal records sealed or expunged. An experienced attorney can help to determine the best options for your case.

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What Is An Expungement?

Expungement is defined as the process of erasing public and private records of old arrests and convictions. An expungement treats your criminal conviction as if it never occurred. This allows you to seek employment, education, or housing without having to reveal any criminal records. There are certain restrictions placed on expungements. In order to restrict public access to your records, you must petition the court for expungement.

You may be able to expunge your records if:

  • It was a case of mistaken identity
  • Probable cause was not established based on evidence
  • There was no crime committed

You may be able to seal your record if:

  • You were never formally charged with a crime
  • You were acquitted
  • There was no conviction of a crime
  • You were convicted of a misdemeanor or certain nonviolent felonies
  • The conviction was not a sex crime
  • You do not have any new felony convictions

How Can An Expungement Help Me?

Indiana passed a new law in 2015 that is designed to help law-abiding citizens restore their reputation and move on with their life. An expungement can be the first step toward a better future for you and your family. Under the new law, any conviction that qualifies can be sealed with the help of an experienced attorney. There are many benefits associated with an expungement of your records. Your conviction or arrest will not appear on background checks that are done by potential employers, banks, leasing companies, or anyone who may want background information about you. If your records are expunged, then you can say truthfully say that you have never been convicted or arrested for a crime.

If you have been convicted of a crime or arrested for a crime that is eligible to be expunged, you should hire an experienced defense attorney to petition the courts. Expungement is designed to give people a chance at finding better employment opportunities after committing a crime and serving a punishment. There is a waiting period associated with expungement that is dependent upon the criminal offense. There are statutes that require the expungement to be mandatory for some offenses as long as all eligibility requirements are met.