The Defense Never Rests

Battling white collar crime charges with a relentless defense

“White collar” crimes are named that because the alleged crime was committed through deception or technological means, not through violent aggression. If you are convicted of a white collar charge, the consequences and penalties are usually very severe.

If you’ve been charged with embezzlement, money laundering, or another type of white collar crime, call me, attorney Monish Patel. My Indianapolis law firm, Patel Defense, LLC, regularly takes on tough, high-risk white collar cases.

My goal, if we go to court, is to WIN. Before that point, I’ll work with you from the moment you become aware of an investigation against you and conduct my own investigation to discover holes in the prosecution’s case. Over the past two decades, my firm has represented many clients who have been charged with white collar crimes. You deserve nothing but the best defense when your freedom, finances and family are at stake.

What is considered a white collar crime?

The common thread in white collar criminal charges is that those harmed by them are not confronted directly by the alleged perpetrator. Deception or fraud are key components of these types of crimes. Here are a sampling of charges that fall under this category:

Typically, charges are not filed in white collar cases until the prosecution has conducted a lengthy investigation. Do NOT wait until you’re about to be arrested to call my office! I can protect you from the moment you’re aware of the investigation. Additionally, prosecutors sometimes commit rights violations while doing white collar investigations; if this happens, I can speak with the judge, which could lead to a dismissal of the case.

Talk to me about your white collar case today.

I’m here to fight for a favorable outcome for my clients. I know the state and federal courts in the Indianapolis area from my time as a deputy county prosecutor and a public defender, so I can give you accurate assessments of what to expect in your specific circumstances. Perhaps most importantly, I do not scare easily – even during big cases.

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