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Juvenile Crimes

Criminal Defense Attorney For Juvenile Crimes In Indianapolis

Are you or your child facing allegations for a criminal charge in Indianapolis? Juvenile crimes come in a wide range that include: burglary, theft, robbery, drug possession, underage drinking, weapons offenses, sex crimes, curfew violations, battery, vandalism, disorderly conduct, and much more. When a juvenile commits these crimes they are not prosecuted in the same way that adults are. Juveniles are not exempt from punishment for their crimes; however, Indiana has set up a system that is designed to help rehabilitate rather than punish. At Patel Defense, we understand that the thought of you or your child facing serious allegations can be frightening and can leave you feeling scared for the future. We are experienced attorneys who will fight to defend the innocence of children.

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Indiana’s Process For Juvenile Crimes

In Indiana, the juvenile justice system works differently than the adult justice system. When an adult commits a crime, he or she is charged and if convicted, will have some sort of penalty such as jail time or fines. The juvenile system is similar in that there is still a trial and the right to an attorney, and if they are guilty, then the courts will sentence them based on their crime. However, the juvenile justice system is intended to rehabilitate and learn from their mistakes. Juveniles lack the same maturity levels as adults, so their punishments are designed to help them learn and grow into successful adults.

Judges in juvenile courts can order the child to attend counseling, do community service, meet with a mentor, probation, or go to a secure facility where they will attend school, learn a trade, and get the necessary help. The secure facilities are similar to long-term rehabilitation facilities and are effective in helping delinquent juveniles become productive adults. If a juvenile is convicted of a crime, the records do not go away when the child turns 18. They will stay in the system until you file for expungement and ask for them to be permanently deleted. Hiring the right attorney can help to keep your record clean without having to ask for your file to be expunged. Patel Defense will work closely with you and your family to reach the most favorable outcome.

Defending Juvenile Crimes

All children who are accused of a crime in the state of Indiana are entitled to representation by an attorney. Juveniles who are accused of crimes often feel anxious, scared, and lack trust in the process. Because they are children, they often feel that no one will listen to their story and believe them. An experienced attorney will advocate to ensure that the juvenile is understood and his or her needs are met. At Patel Defense, we will fight on behalf of the child so that there are no violations of rights and their future is protected. We will always have the juvenile’s best interest in mind and will work to gain a favorable outcome. We understand that as a child, mistakes can be made, and we do not want them to negatively impact your future. An effective defense strategy can help you move past these youthful mistakes and help you to build a foundation for a successful adult life.