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Public Corruption

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Have you been accused of or charged with public corruption in Indianapolis? These charges can wreak havoc on your life, and can cause you to experience stress, fear and anxiety. When you hire an experienced public corruption defense attorney, you are taking a step to ensure that all of your rights are protected. Public corruption cases often garner a lot of media attention and public scrutiny. This can have devastating effects on your career and your life. Do not hesitate to contact Patel Defense to preserve your freedom.

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If you have been charged with public corruption in Indianapolis, do not hesitate to contact Patel Defense for a FREE case evaluation.


What is Public Corruption?

Public corruption is defined as a breach of public trust or an abuse of position by an elected or appointed official. Corruption can occur at the federal, state, and local levels of government. An elected, appointed, or hired government official may commit public corruption when they ask, demand, solicit, or accepts anything that influences their duties to the public. Public corruption includes a myriad of crimes including bribery, extortion, and misconduct. There are several types of public corruption including:

  • Bribery
  • Extortion
  • Embezzlement of public funds
  • Election crimes
  • Money laundering
  • Kickbacks
  • Fraud
  • Misuse of government funds

These charges are all white collar crimes and are considered high priority to prosecutors and the federal government. There are no minor public corruption cases in the eyes of the law. These investigations can be damaging to your public perception and career, so do not hesitate to contact an experienced public corruption defense attorney in Indianapolis.

Defending Against Public Corruption

Public corruption charges can end careers and damage reputations. Some public officials will find themselves being investigated for a crime they did not intend to commit. In order to be convicted of public corruption, the prosecution must prove that you had an intent to commit the act. At Patel Defense, we always launch our own investigation into your case to determine the best course of action. Often times, an experienced attorney can find holes in the prosecution’s case against you and create doubt.

No matter the crime you are accused of, you always have the right to have an attorney present throughout the course of the investigation. These cases tend to be high profile and the prosecution seeks to make an example of the person being accused. Federal law enforcement officials believe that public corruption damages the structure of society and allows greater threats to become more prevalent. At Patel Defense, we will work tirelessly on your case to ensure that you do not receive a public corruption conviction in Indianapolis. The government takes a very strong stance against these crimes, so you need the best possible defense.

There are a number of defense strategies that an experienced attorney will use in order to protect your rights and ensure your freedom. There has to be an intention to commit the crime. If you can prove that you did not intend to commit public corruption, then you are likely to receive an acquittal. If you committed the crimes but you were under duress, then you also have a solid ground for defending yourself. Proving that you only committed the crimes based on the knowledge that you or your family were in danger will help to maintain your freedom. Contact an experienced defense attorney in Indianapolis to help preserve your freedom and your rights.