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Criminal Defense Attorney For Embezzlement In Indianapolis

Are you being investigated for embezzlement in Indianapolis? These charges are very complex and are often highly emotionally charged. They can leave you feeling stressed and scared of what may happen to you and your family. Embezzlement charges do not mean you will be convicted of embezzlement. When you hire an experienced defense attorney, you are setting yourself up for the best defense to prove your innocence. At Patel Defense, we will investigate every aspect of your embezzlement case to ensure that you have the best defense strategy.

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What Is Embezzlement?

Oftentimes, embezzlement is associated with high-stakes crimes that are committed by powerful executives within a company. However, any time you fraudulently take cash or property that someone else has entrusted you with, you are guilty of embezzlement. Embezzlement is defined as the theft of money or property by a person who has responsibility for said assets. These cases are most common in employment and corporate settings. In order to be charged with embezzlement there are a few factors that must be present:

  • There must be a fiduciary relationship between the defendant and the accuser
  • The defendant acquired the money or property through a fiduciary relationship, such as a job
  • The defendant took ownership of the property and/or gave it to another person
  • There was a clear intent by the defendant

Embezzlement can be as simple as stealing cash from the register or office supplies from your employer, or as complicated as transferring money from a business account for your personal gain. Some embezzlement schemes can be very complex. Most people who are convicted of embezzlement admit that they took the money because they were experiencing financial difficulties. Hiring an experienced embezzlement attorney in Indianapolis is crucial to defend your innocence.

Defending Against Embezzlement

It may seem that defending against embezzlement charges is nearly impossible. However, there are a number of defense options available. An experienced embezzlement defense attorney will create an aggressive, solid defense strategy for you. When you fight your charges, an experienced attorney will file extensive legal motions that are meant to challenge all of the evidence against you. If the evidence against you is weak, you will likely be granted a dismissal.

At Patel Defense, we understand the law and will create the most effective strategies to help you avoid penalties and punishment for a crime that you did not intentionally commit. Because embezzlement cases are often accompanied by a paper trail, there are stacks of paper that include evidence against you. We will work tirelessly to sift through all of the evidence to find holes in the prosecution’s case against you. This will also allow us to build the strongest possible defense for you. The best defense for embezzlement is proving that you lacked criminal intent when committing the act.