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Attempted Murder

Criminal Defense Attorney For Attempted Murder In Indianapolis

Have you been charged with attempted murder in Indianapolis? When facing these charges, people often feel scared, alone, and uncertain about the future. These times can be very tough; however, hiring an experienced attempted murder defense attorney can help your case go smoothly. Attempted murder is one of the most serious crimes a person can face, and can potentially cause lifelong damage to your reputation even if you are not convicted. Oftentimes, the media and public tend to scrutinize those who have been charged with such a crime. At Patel Defense, we will fight to defend your freedom and protect your innocence.

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If you have been charged with attempted murder in Indianapolis, do not hesitate to contact Patel Defense for a free case evaluation.


What Is Attempted Murder?

Attempted murder is charged when a person plans to commit murder but is unable to accomplish it. In order to be charged with attempted murder, a person must have a plan to commit murder and attempt to carry out that plan. If a person simply plans to commit the crime, but never acts on it, then there is no case for attempted murder.

In order to be charged with attempted murder, you must show an action and an intention to commit the crime. An action is described as taking a direct step toward committing the crime. There are several kinds of actions that are classified as perpetrating a crime. Although each case is different, the actions that can be considered a direct step toward committing a crime are: stalking, ambushing, luring, breaking-and-entering, soliciting and constructing. In order to be convicted of attempted murder, there must be evidence that shows you intended to commit the crime. You must have the intention to carry out the direct step, or the action. You also must intend to cause specific harm to a specific victim.

Defending Your Freedom And Protecting Your Rights

Intent is relevant and important to attempted murder as opposed to murder. If a defendant causes harm to another person but there was no intent to murder, then attempted murder cannot be proven. The most common defense is self-defense, for yourself or another. Self-defense is the best defense to attempted murder because your attorney only needs to focus on your actions. Witnesses play a critical role in self-defense cases. You must prove that you had legitimate fear for your life or someone else’s life.

Never volunteer information to law enforcement officials without an experienced attorney present. You may accidentally incriminate yourself and give the police a reason to arrest you. Having an experienced attempted murder attorney by your side every step of the way can help protect your rights. We believe you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and will fight for all of your rights. We will work closely with you and your family to create an effective defense strategy.