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Internet Sex Crimes

Criminal Defense Lawyer For Internet Sex Crimes In Indianapolis

Have you been charged with an Internet sex crime in Indianapolis? The internet has created a whole new category of criminal charges since its creation over 20 years ago. Law enforcement officers have turned to setting up sting operations in order to expose those who commit sex crimes. With the best legal help, you can keep your freedom while protecting your rights. If you have been accused of Internet sex crimes, do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney in Indianapolis today.

Don’t Hesitate With Your Freedom

If you have been charged with internet sex crimes, do not hesitate to contact Patel Defense for a FREE case evaluation.


Creating An Effective Defense Strategy

With the rise of internet sex crimes, many law enforcement officials have turned to sting operations in order to catch criminals. The question that arises from these methods of investigation is whether or not this is considered entrapment. At Patel Defense, we will launch our own investigation to ensure that law enforcement officials followed all appropriate laws in order to obtain an arrest.

After reviewing your case, we will create an effective defense strategy that is unique to you. We understand that no two cases are the same, so we personally go over each case individually to ensure we are providing the best defense for you. Often times, there are hidden details in your case that we can expose and you can come out on top.

Protect Your Freedom

If you have been charged or accused of committing internet sex crimes, the first thing that you need to do is hire an experienced attorney. Never speak to police or investigators without an attorney present. Often times, investigators will try to coerce you into giving up information that could be incriminating. You have a right to an attorney no matter what the accusations are. Always remember that anything you say to investigators can be used against you. Law enforcement officials will tell you that if you cooperate things will be smoother for you. You can still cooperate with an attorney present, so always call an experienced attorney such as Patel Defense as soon as accusations are made.

Internet sex crimes come with stiff penalties such as fines are prison sentences. If you are convicted you may also have to register as a sex offender. By hiring an experienced Internet sex crimes attorney in Indianapolis, you can protect your freedom and ensure that your rights have not been violated.