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Mortgage Fraud

Criminal Defense Attorney For Mortgage Fraud In Indianapolis

Have you been accused of mortgage fraud in Indianapolis? Mortgage fraud encompasses many potential charges, so it can be frightening for an individual to face it alone. Mortgage fraud accusations are more prevalent due to the crash of the real estate market. Hiring an experienced mortgage fraud defense attorney in Indianapolis can help you build a strong case against the prosecution. At Patel Defense, we will work closely by your side through all of the investigations and legal proceedings to ensure you receive a favorable outcome.

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What Is Mortgage Fraud?

Mortgage fraud encompasses a wide range of actions and schemes where people use false information to obtain a mortgage. Mortgage fraud can be committed by the purchaser or the lender. Mortgage fraud is not a charge on its own, but you can be charged with conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud and other charges depending on your case. There are many actions that constitute mortgage fraud, including:

  • Padding an appraisal so that the mortgage is more than the property is worth
  • Reporting income or assets that the purchaser does not have
  • Misrepresenting your identity to obtain a mortgage
  • Using a “straw buyer” to obtain a loan and hiding the identity of the actual buyer
  • Taking out a mortgage but not making any payments
  • Renting a home you own without making mortgage payments
  • And many more

Mortgage fraud can be initiated by the buyer or by unscrupulous lenders, mortgage brokers or real estate agents. It is important to vet all of those you will be working with during your home buying process to ensure you are not accidentally caught up in a mortgage fraud scheme. Traditional mortgage fraud involves schemes that are meant to defraud the lender. Other mortgage fraud targets the borrower by means of foreclosure prevention scams that defraud homeowners who are already in financial trouble.

Defending Against Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud cases are incredibly complex and complicated. There are no federal laws that define mortgage fraud, so prosecutors turn to other charges such as mail fraud, bank fraud and money laundering. The added complexities of mortgage fraud require an experienced attorney who has extensive knowledge of the law. At Patel Defense, we are prepared to fight on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected.

An experienced attorney will launch their own investigation into your crimes and look for any holes in the prosecutor’s case. The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed these crimes with intent for personal gain. The best defense that an attorney can create is to prove that you are an innocent person that was used by another person. If your mortgage broker or real estate agent did not explain all aspects of the loan to you, then you may not be aware of the fraud that was committed. An experienced mortgage fraud attorney in Indianapolis will provide a favorable outcome for you and your case.