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Drug Possession

Criminal Defense Attorney For Drug Possession In Indianapolis

Are you facing drug possession charges in Indianapolis? The penalties associated with drug possession can be severe and can cause you to have fear and stress about your future. A drug possession charge can have lifelong effects on your reputation and career. Do not let one mistake change your life. Patel Defense is experienced in fighting drug crimes and will preserve your freedom and protect your rights.

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If you have been charged with drug possession in Indianapolis, do not hesitate to contact Patel Defense for a free case evaluation.


What Is Drug Possession In Indiana?

Indiana is not exempt from the nation’s illegal drug problems. The heroin epidemic and methamphetamine use put Indiana on the front lines of the war on drugs. It is a criminal offense to possess any illegal drugs, no matter how small the amount. Drug possession is the most common drug charge in Indiana. Indiana law makes it illegal to possess illegal controlled substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, LSD and other drugs. These laws also criminalize the possession of drug precursors that are used in manufacturing. In order to be convicted of drug possession, the prosecutor must show that you knew the drug in question was a controlled substance and that you knowingly had control over the drug.

Another more serious charge associated with drug possession is possession with intent to distribute. This is usually charged when a substantial amount of drugs was discovered that indicates the drugs are not simply for personal use. Possession with intent to distribute has circumstantial evidence such as baggies, large amounts of cash, and/or a scale. In order to be charged with possession with intent to distribute, the drugs do not have to be found on your person. In Indiana, there are two types of drug possession: actual possession and constructive possession. Actual possession is when drugs are discovered on your person. Constructive possession is when you have the knowledge, intent, and ability to control the drugs.

Defending Against Drug Possession

When you are arrested and charged with drug possession, the first thing you should do is hire an experienced attorney in Indianapolis. Drug possession is a serious crime and needs to be treated as such. There are several defense strategies available that an experienced defense attorney can use such as:

  • Lack of knowledge of the drugs
  • You did not know the drugs were a controlled substance
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • You only had the drugs because you were under duress

At Patel Defense, we will launch our own investigation into your case to determine the best possible defense plan for you. We will examine all evidence and the police procedures to ensure that your rights were not violated. If the police did not have probable cause to search you, then we will argue that they used illegal search and seizure. We will file all appropriate motions to suppress the evidence that was used against you and get a dismissal of charges. An experienced attorney will help to protect all of your rights and preserve your freedom. With the proper defense, you can potentially avoid jail time and protect your reputation. It is important to never admit guilt or submit to a questioning without an attorney present. No matter your crime, you always have constitutional rights that are afforded to you.