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What are some mistakes people make on probation?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2024 | Criminal Law

Probation allows individuals to remain in their communities while under court supervision. However, it is important to understand that probation comes with strict rules and guidelines.

Some people may make avoidable mistakes during this period.

Ignoring probation conditions

One of the most common errors individuals make while on probation is ignoring the court’s conditions. Individuals may need to attend counseling sessions and community service or refrain from certain behaviors. Failing to follow these orders or any others can result in fines or jail time.

Associating with negative influences

Another problem is talking to individuals who are still committing criminal activities. Probation often includes rules regarding the company one keeps. Someone failing to stay away from negative influences can lead to officers suspecting that this person still does illegal activities in secret.

Testing positive for drugs or alcohol

Probation often states that people cannot use drugs or alcohol at all. Despite this requirement, some individuals fail drug or alcohol tests.

This can happen either due to addiction issues or a lack of commitment to rehabilitation. Testing positive can lead to revocation of probation and imprisonment.

Failing to talk to probation officers

Regular meetings with a probation officer are typically a requirement of probation. Failing to report changes in address or employment status can signal a person does not want to comply. Along with this, missed appointments could result in increased scrutiny.

Committing new crimes

Perhaps the most serious mistake individuals make on probation is committing new offenses. Even minor crimes can be a huge problem. If someone shows a lack of regard for the law and the terms of probation, it could lead to revocation and imprisonment.

Probation offers individuals an opportunity to make a brighter future. Although it may seem tough at first, individuals can navigate their probationary periods without any problems.