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What to do if you are falsely accused of a crime in Indiana

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | Criminal Law

If you are facing false accusations of a crime in Indiana, taking certain steps to protect your rights and build a strong defense is important.

When dealing with false accusations, there are some general guidelines to follow to protect your rights and build your case.

Remain calm

Feeling upset and anxious when falsely accused is natural, but staying calm and composed throughout the process is best. Emotional reactions can sometimes work against you.

Exercise your right to remain silent

You have the right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. Anything you say will be useful against you, even if you do not mean it to be.

Document everything

Keep records of all interactions related to the case, including conversations with law enforcement, investigators and witnesses. This can be helpful in case there are discrepancies or misunderstandings later on.

Do not consent to searches

If law enforcement asks for your consent to search your property, it is advisable to decline unless they have a warrant. Be aware of your Fourth Amendment rights.

Refrain from contacting your accuser

Steer clear of any interactions with the individual making accusations against you; doing so can reduce the risk of potential allegations of harassment or intimidation.

Consider bail

In case the police arrest you and the courts establish a bail amount, you might have to make a bail payment to gain your release. Being out of jail can facilitate the process of constructing your defense more effectively.

Gather evidence

Work to gather any evidence that supports your innocence. This may include documents, witnesses, surveillance footage or any other relevant information that can help prove you did not commit a crime.

Build a defense strategy

Strive to develop a robust defense strategy. This entails the collection of witnesses, expert testimonies and the utilization of various legal tactics.

Be prepared for trial

If your case proceeds to trial, it is important to maintain unwavering honesty, steadfast consistency and a high degree of cooperation throughout the entirety of the legal proceedings.

In 2021 alone, the courts let 161 out of prison because they were innocent, according to the annual report by the University of Michigan. An increasing number of individuals are filing appeals against court rulings and achieving favorable outcomes. It is important to realize that false accusations are more common than you may think.