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How can social media impact your criminal defense case?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Criminal Law, Cyber Crime

If you face criminal charges, an officer will read you your Miranda Rights and remind you that they will use what you say in court. That applies to what you say and do outside official buildings. Everything you say until the trial is potential evidence, which also applies to your social media.

Remember the following information to help you avoid more trouble in the courtroom.

Social media is not private

Social media is public information that prosecutors can use as evidence. The police and prosecutors can even obtain access to your private posts and use them in court.

Posts can support the state’s case

During their investigation and in the discovery period, the police and prosecutors can gather evidence online. They can then use it to support a witness’ claims or discount your testimony in the courtroom. They can also find evidence that you plan to commit another crime and charge you for that.

Social media can create a poor image of you

Prosecutors can spin your posts to make you seem like an unsavory character or irresponsible. They can also use posts that other people tag you in to do the same thing. Therefore, you must be mindful of what you post until you resolve your case.

If you face criminal charges, staying away from social media is best. Instead, focus on the next steps you have to take. That includes gathering evidence to support your defense. It also means researching your charges to understand what you are facing. Finally, it can also involve leaning on your family or friends for support during this time.