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Violent crimes unquestionably a singular realm in criminal law

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2016 | Criminal Law

There is much ongoing discussion — indeed, a lively national debate — these days regarding criminal law reforms at both the state and national levels.

What is perhaps most notable about the focus is the broadly bipartisan agreement that has emerged stressing the need for material changes to ameliorate the harshness of the system and its long-term pernicious effects in many instances.

There is certainly a broadly emerging consensus that many inmates across the country — and certainly in Indiana, as well — have been dealt with unfairly, even in draconian fashion, in sentencing outcomes that have yielded them lengthy incarceration terms even for first-time and nonviolent offenses. Drug charges might reasonably come to mind immediately for many readers.

Not so much violent crimes.

In fact, the current national discourse on sentence reform scarcely seems to mention courtroom defendants facing violence-related criminal charges, such as murder, rape, battery, armed robbery and domestic violence. Such individuals can reasonably expect a tough time when confronted by criminal law authorities, with, often, not much talk of an alternative–to-prison outcome.

In any such case, the need for an experienced — that is, a knowledgeable, reflective and, when necessary, appropriately aggressive — criminal defense attorney is understandably great, with it being readily apparent that sound legal counsel can in some cases materially mitigate potentially harsh consequences.

We represent Indiana individuals accused of violent crimes at the Patel Defense law firm in Indianapolis, with our principal attorney bringing considerable experience to the task.

Prior to establishing his law firm, Monish Patel was a public defender in both Marion County and Hamilton County. And he coupled that broad-based experience with tenure in the latter county as a prosecuting attorney.

We note with all due clarity the seriousness of a violent-crime charge, and we advocate on behalf of all our clients with an unrelenting focus on securing an optimal case outcome in every matter.

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