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Felony sex crimes: singular considerations, the need for counsel

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2016 | Criminal Law, Sex Crimes

The “fight of your life.”

That is how we refer to the ordeal facing any individual in Indiana or elsewhere who is squared off against criminal authorities in an investigation alleging a sex crime.

Although there are statutory codes as thick as telephone books enumerating seemingly countless types of behavior that run afoul of state and federal laws, there is something immediately singular and especially serious about any sex-related allegation. And that is especially true regarding a felony sex crime charge such as rape, child pornography or sexual battery.

As we note on our website at the criminal law firm of Patel Defense in Indianapolis, the battle commences immediately following an arrest or criminal charge, with quick public suspicion and even a rush to judgment before the facts are known. “In most cases,” we point out, “the jury [and that includes the general public] will have its mind made up before the case even starts.”

We know what’s at stake for any person targeted in a sex crime case, and believe that a strong legal defense is an absolute imperative for a suspect to ensure fundamental fairness and the promotion of justice.

A proven criminal defense attorney’s representation starts with what we call a “strategic approach,” namely, a close and dispassionate examination of every material aspect of a case. When necessary, that can necessitate the careful inclusion of select experts, who can provide critically important input on evidentiary-based and additional matters (for example, technology-related considerations).

We seek an optimal outcome in every matter we handle, whether that means a dismissal of charges, a reduced penalty or the best possible result we can reach through vigorously contesting the prosecution’s case at trial.

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