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What an arrest at work can mean for your future

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Criminal Law

When law enforcement authorities place you under arrest for suspected criminal activity, it goes without saying that the potential consequences can alter your life. If an arrest occurs at your place of work, however, you might understandably have concerns regarding your professional future as well.

A workplace arrest might feel embarrassing at the moment, but it also might breed worries in your mind about losing your job or even struggling to continue your career. It is important to understand the possible sequence of events that might happen after your arrest so that you can proceed with a prepared state of mind.

How an arrest at work can affect your career

If there is a connection between the nature of your job and the nature of your arrest, it is more likely that you will face termination. This also implies that it may be challenging to get a job in the same field in the future. For example, a workplace arrest for embezzlement can severely harm your reputation as an accountant or any other role that entails authority over a company’s finances.

How you can clear your name after an arrest at work

The best way to clear your name and restore your professional reputation after a workplace arrest is to secure an acquittal of the criminal charges against you. It is imperative that you work closely with your legal team to build a strong case proving that you are innocent of the charges or that the arrest itself is wrongful.

Indiana is an at-will state in regard to employment, meaning that your employer is likely in their rights to fire you if they believe your arrest will harm business. With your reputation and career at stake, it is crucial to fight for a favorable outcome.