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Here’s why timely, proven criminal defense counsel is an imperative

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2016 | Criminal Law, Sex Crimes

Upon hearing the details of the following story, we’re confident that most of our readers fervently wish a positive outcome for its principal, who earlier this month filed a federal complaint seeking damages for a horrific experience he endured owing to unquestioned third-party negligence.

In a nutshell, here’s what happened to a man in Denver. Although his tale lacks a direct Indiana nexus, we believe it is broadly relevant, given that something similar could easily occur in Indiana or anywhere else in the United States.

The man was at a rooftop party, along with several other people. He was introduced to a woman there. They had a fleeting conversation. She ultimately left hours later, with another man.

The man didn’t give the woman another thought until several months later, when police entered his home and ushered him away in handcuffs, arresting him for the woman’s rape. He was told that DNA evidence linking him to the crime would potentially put him behind bars for life.

Drum roll: He was flatly innocent, with the dire news confronting him resulting from what was allegedly the totally botched work of two laboratory workers who the Washington Post states “had apparently mixed up DNA samples.”

Given that news, the man was unceremoniously released — after having languished while behind bars, while terrified, for 61days.

Understandably, he is angered. The above-cited litigation he filed seeks money damages and a written apology.

The case is certainly admonitory. Any individual who is summarily arrested and charged with criminal conduct of any type might reasonably want to quickly secure knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation from a proven criminal defense attorney.

The stakes are higher. An experienced defense lawyer can work hard to mitigate adverse consequences to the fullest extent possible.