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Focus: Sex crimes and Indiana’s Sex and Violent Offender Registry

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Criminal Law, Sex Crimes

Does Indiana have a registry containing the names of and other pertinent information relating to convicted offenders of sex and violent crimes?

Indeed, it does, and no rationally thinking person would ever want to be on it.

One word might reasonably pop up relatively quickly for any person scanning what is formally denoted as the Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry.

And that is this: ominous.

The wording across the site is serious and weighty. Moreover, it is authoritative and replete with imperatives regarding what entrants on the list can and cannot do.

And, for many of them, the stated proscriptions apply for life.

As can be gleaned from this link that is relevant to sex offender status in Indiana, certain complexities readily attach to requests that an offender might wish to make regarding what he or she believes is in error and needs to be changed on the registry. A proven sex crimes criminal defense attorney can help an individual take proper and timely steps to preserve the right to complain and appeal.

In fact, a seasoned defense attorney is obviously needed well before that point for any person in Indiana who is confronting the might and resources of the state in a sex crimes case.

As we note on our website at the Indianapolis law firm of Patel Defense, “Facing a sex crime charge is, in many ways, the fight of [an accused’s] life.”

We have provided diligent advocacy on behalf of individuals charged with sex crimes in Indiana for many years, believing that every person accused of crime — any crime — has a compelling need (and, of course, a concomitant legal right) to a sound and well-considered defense.

That need exists for every individual facing a criminal charge, and perhaps especially so for a defendant in a sex crimes case.