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Indianapolis man accused of killing “for sport”

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Criminal Law, Murder

An Indianapolis man is possibly facing the death penalty in what is being described as “Purge-style” killing spree. The 19-year old is accused of three murders which summated between May 12 and May 15, according to authorities. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry has made it clear that capital punishment will be the goal of the prosecution, stating, “The killings that occurred here are beyond senseless, the victims were killed for no reason whatsoever.”

Court documents indicate that the man sent several text messages that referenced the popular Purge horror movie series. The Purge series depicts a near-future dystopia in which all crime is considered legal for one night each year, resulting in the consequence-free killing of those unable to afford to protect themselves. The prosecution has charged the man with murder, attempted robbery, armed robbery and criminal gang enhancement.

The man is accused of choosing his victims at random, part of what prompted Curry to pursue the death penalty. “Quite simply, we allege that these were killings for sport and could not be more appropriate for consideration for capital punishment,” said Curry. The prosecutor met with the families of the victims before deciding to pursue that punishment.

Despite the sensationalism of the murders, and their possible influence by the Purge movie series, the man who is accused of committing these crimes is just as deserving of a top-notch defense as anyone else. Anyone who stands accused of a crime is entitled to the best representation available, to ensure that he or she is treated as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, regardless of the crimes that may have been committed or the public opinion surrounding the case.