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When does clicking a link lead to Internet sex crime charges?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2016 | Criminal Law, Sex Crimes

Technological advances have changed the way we communicate, the way we work; even the way we may be accused of committing crimes. New criminal charges are emerging and it is important to have an awareness of how these charges work to better ensure that we do not accidentally tread into illegal territory.

One of the more confusing areas: Internet sex crimes.

Internet sex crimes defined

The term Internet sex crime includes a number of allegations. The most common is possession or distribution of child pornography.

A recent report in the IndyStar notes that Indiana enforcement efforts are targeting these crimes. The state has a task force dedicated specifically towards trolling the Internet in search of potential offenders. The task was responsible for the investigation of over 800 allegations last year alone.

These investigations resulted in 140 arrests.

Allegation versus conviction

A case must be established to take an allegation and actually move forward with a conviction. This means a simple mistaken click should not result in a conviction for a sex crime. However, no one should presume that their innocence will prevail.

Anyone facing these allegations should take the allegations seriously. This can include gathering evidence to establish innocence, which may include the use of expert tech consultants.

Impact of a conviction

A conviction results in more than just the immediate penalties of fines and potential prison time, but long-term consequences connected to a criminal conviction for a sex crime.

In addition to hurting your reputation, many of these crimes require registration as a sex offender. This can limit living and employment options.

Defenses are available. Contact an experienced sexual assault lawyer to discuss your options.