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White collar crime: intense investigations, tough penalties

On Behalf of | May 3, 2016 | White Collar Crimes

WhiteYou certainly don’t have to be convicted of a violent crime to be sentenced to a prison term in Indiana or anywhere else across the country.

In fact, a criminal conviction on a white collar crime charge can often bring about the same result, with incarceration sometimes being for an even longer period.

Many people might still harbor the belief that a white collar crime probe is really not that big of a deal and that criminal authorities prefer to expend most of their time, effort and resources investigating “harder” crimes like murder, sexual assault, drug trafficking and so forth.

That is simply not true. Indeed, white collar crime investigations have grown in number and intensity over the past several years, owing to myriad reasons.

The housing debacle — that is, the subprime mortgage crisis — that so centrally marked the so-called “Great Recession” was one factor putting a spotlight on bank fraud that has only intensified over time. Securities fraud cases are regularly front-page news these days. Health care fraud probes involving alleged Medicare and Medicaid scams are now commonplace.

Here’s a notable point regarding white collar criminal investigations: They often proceed with a massive amount of government resources and manpower to drive them forward.

Any individual who is targeted as a suspect in a white collar probe can fully expect a withering examination into his or her personal and professional life, as well as a prosecutorial focus aimed at securing a maximum criminal penalty.

At Patel Defense, we provide impassioned and aggressive advocacy on behalf of persons facing the power of state and federal officials pursuing a white collar criminal conviction. We bring years of on-point experience to that task, with the founding attorney of our Indianapolis law firm being a former prosecutor commanding close knowledge of such investigations.

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