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Help your child fight his or her drunk driving charge

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. Unfortunately, you know one thing to be true: Children don't always make the right decisions.

One of the most common mistakes among teenagers and college students is driving under the influence of alcohol. This may not be the most serious crime, but it's not something you can sweep under the rug. Instead, you need to learn more about the many ways you can help your child avoid the most serious punishment.

Indianapolis drug case underscores several material considerations

We have noted for readers in prior select blog posts that a proven criminal defense attorney often has multiple avenues to pursue when crafting a strategy to counter state or federal officials' actions pursuant to their making an arrest and charging an individual with a crime.

A case recently reported in the legal publication Indiana Lawyer certainly bears that out, being centrally focused on considerations relating to an initial police stop, search-and-seizure issues and trial-based evidentiary matters.

Sentence outcome for youths stresses redemption, not pure punishment

Let the punishment fit the crime.

What that means for juvenile offenders in Indiana and nationally is that an appropriate sentencing outcome -- that is, a logical and equitable response to a criminal charge -- must take due regard of the singular characteristics often attaching to youth and tailor the repercussions to reflect what are often fundamental differences between adolescent and adult offenders.

Occupying President Obama on final day: criminal sentencing reform

Rather than spending his final day in office idly watching the hours go by and otherwise attending to purely personal affairs in readying himself for the transition to a new government, outgoing President Barack Obama was busy with his pen on the final day of his tenure.

A number of Indiana residents might want to write him a thank-you note.

3 points to know about drunk driving charges

Driving drunk is something that most people know not to do. There are sometimes things that happen that require people to get behind the wheel after having some alcohol at a party or other event. After an arrest for drunk driving -- including such an unfortunate event occurring when you were trying to get home from a sporting event or concert with your friends -- you should learn about what points matter in a case like this so that you can decide what to do about your defense strategy.

Lawful arrests or improper police action without probable cause?

Developments that are emerging in the aftermath of massive arrests effected by police officers in the nation's capital last Friday are taking on a decided "we say, they say" hue.

We: As cops, we're telling you that the cordon-and-arrest tactics we carried out against demonstrators in a confined downtown area on Inauguration Day were by the book and unobjectionable on any rational grounds.

Best Buy computer-tech department: an arm of the government?

Admittedly, the above-cited blog headline query leading off today's post might come across as a bit alarming. After all, we're talking the Geek Squad here, that Best Buy-hyped internal crew of computer-savvy workers who stand ever ready to remedy problems with customers' computers and quickly return them in optimal operating condition.

Who knew that an ancillary result of such customer interaction in certain instances over the past several years has been a clandestine follow-up contact from a Best Buy employee to the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning alleged criminal activities?

What you need to know about vehicular manslaughter

It was something you had done a hundred times before. You sent a quick text and took your eyes off the road for just a second. That second was all it took to collide with the vehicle that had suddenly stopped in front of you.

You were lucky. Your injuries were minor. The other driver was not so lucky and she eventually succumbed to her injuries and died in the hospital. The police have now charged you with vehicular manslaughter.

Some considerations re arrests at sporting events and concerts

If you frequently attend high-level sporting events, concerts, rallies of various types or other kinds of gatherings where high numbers of people closely congregate amid an atmosphere of excitement, you know that the occasional arrest is inevitable.

Such environments are charged with high energy, often heightened color, sound and noise, a seldom experienced collective passion and a sense of freedom that can together raise emotions to a feverish pitch.

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